Online course on Modern Android Development with Kotlin
  • Course fee: bdt:4000
Graphics Design for Freelancing -Only for Woman
  • Course fee: bdt:0
Mastering on Digital Marketing

10 Days Left

  • Course fee: bdt:18000
  • Early Bird reg: bdt:15000
Start date : 20/03/2021 Total Hours:72
Web Design and Development using Laravel and Vue

10 Days Left

  • Course fee: bdt:20000
  • Early Bird reg: bdt:18000
Graphic & Web UI Design

10 Days Left

  • Course fee: bdt:18000
  • Early Bird reg: bdt:15000
Start date : 21/03/2021 Total Hours:72
Online Course on Excel Essentials
  • Course fee: bdt:1000
ASP.NET Core MVC with Angular and EF Core
  • Course fee: bdt:18000
IT Support Service

10 Days Left

  • Course fee: bdt:10000
  • Early Bird reg: bdt:6000
Start date : 03/04/2021 Total Hours:30

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Advantages of cPanel for Linux Reseller Hosting
by Khondoker Pavel 03/08/2020 Technology

As a Reseller, we need to make sure that our customers are getting the best host...

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Freelance Graphic Design: A short Guidebook
by Rashedul Islam 11/05/2020 Freelancing, Self development, Training

অনলাইনে কাজ করা বর্তমানে বহুল পরিচিত একটি পেশা। দক্ষতা অনুযায়ী বিভিন্ন প্রকারের...

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What is Youtube?
by A.H.M.Mohsin 10/05/2020 Technology

ইউটিউব (ইংরেজি: YouTube) একটি ভিডিও আদান-প্রদান করার ওয়েবসাইট।

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