Practical Flutter – Online course on building real life projects for iOS & Android

Practical Flutter Course

  • Start Date : 24/05/2023
  • Duration : 28 Hours
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 14
  • Registration Deadline : 23/05/2023
  • Batch No : 10
  • Class Schedule :
  • Mon (07:30 PM-09:30 PM)
Practical Flutter – Online course on building real life projects for iOS & Android


Flutter – a framework made by Google, is one of the most popular Cross-Platform engine for developers. Since it’s journey from 2018, it has become the fastest growing framework adapted by developers worldwide. Flutter applications not only runs on iOS and Android devices, but also on Desktop and Web. Learning Flutter is easy, it takes less time to develop and produces high quality natively compiled applications on host platforms. Flutter offers a wide range of Package/Plugins which significantly reduces the workload from developers, hence developers don’t need to worry about platform specific implementations.

Because of it’s high demand, top companies now have braced Flutter and looking for quality developers. Our goal is clear, we want to provide quality training and essential materials which are needed at the very first place of learning such a framework. Considering the market place, we have outlined our course with most recent and updated curriculum and followed the design guideline which is mandatory for any software development. After finishing this course, anyone will have a very good and strong understanding of Flutter framework and will be able to build any kind of mobile applications.

Prerequisites :

Basic knowledge of any Object Oriented Programming based language, like C++, C#, Java, JavaScript or PHP etc.

Training Modules :
  • Variables and assignments
  • Control flow
  • Dart functions – Anonymous and Higher Order Function
  • OOP in Dart – Class and Object, Constructor & Constructor Overloading
  • Data Structure - List and Map
  • Asynchronous Dart – Async/Await, Future and Stream
  • Null Safety
  • A brief introduction to Flutter Framework
  • Widgets – Stateless and Stateful
  • Widget tree, Widget types and Element tree
  • Assets, Image and Icon
  • Theme and Styling
  • Layout Widgets
  • Standard and Material Widgets
  • Alert Dialog
  • Responsive Layout Design
  • Scrollable Widgets – List View, Grid View and Custom Scrollable Widgets
  • Gesture detector
  • Dismissible Widget
  • Flutter form and Form Field
  • Radio Button & Dropdown List
  • Implicit and Explicit Animations
  • Hero Animation
  • Staggered Animation
  • Custom Paint & Drawing
  • Declarative Routing
  • Named Routing
  • Routing on the fly
  • Argument Passing
  • Routing animation
  • Navigation Widgets
  • Stateful Widget and it’s lifecycle
  • Global Keys
  • Provider Package
  • Change Notifier, Change Notifier Provider and Consumer
  • Shared Preferences
  • SQLite Database for Mobile
  • Http Package
  • JSON Serialization
  • Exception Handling
  • Camera and Storage
  • Maps and Location
  • Geocoding
  • Firebase Authentication
  • Firebase Firestore Database
  • Firebase Storage
  • Push Notifications
  • Text Recognition (ML Kit)
  • An E-Commerce app with basic functionalities, two separate versions for User and Admin. Firebase will be used as backend.
  • A Visiting Card Holder apps, which scans a person’s visiting card and retrieve information and saves to local SQLite database (including Phone Call, SMS and Email functionalities).
  • A Weather Application, which shows Current and Forecast weather information from remote server using REST API.
PRICE : TK. 8000.00
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