Mastering on Digital Marketing - Batch No : 4

  • Start Date : 14/06/2020
  • Duration : 72 Hours
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 24
  • Class Schedule :
  • Sun (06:00 PM-09:00 PM)
  • Tue (06:00 PM-09:00 PM)
  • Thu (06:00 PM-09:00 PM)
  • Registration Deadline : 13/06/2020


Digital Marketing is one of the most demanding skills in today's world because of the diversified opportunities. In this course, we have included major digital channel to find, attract, capture and convert a stranger to a promoter. Also, we focus on marketing which is the key to the success of any digital campaign, along with campaign strategy. 

You're looking for a complete digital marketing course to teach you everything you need to become a digital marketing expert, right? You've found the right digital marketing course!

Prerequisites :

Basic Computer & Internet use.

Training Modules :
  • Familiarity with Digital Technology
  • Introduction to Digital Media
  • Usage if different technology & media in our daily life
  • Benefits of different technology & media
  • What is marketing?
  • Basic Component of Marketing Strategy & Planning
  • 4P’s of Marketing
  • Fundamental of Buyer’s Journey
  • Get started with Digital Marketing (What, Why & How)
  • Digital Research (Audience & Competitor)
  • SMART Objective Development
  • Principles of Digital Marketing
  • 360-Degree Digital Marketing Campaign
  • What & Why is Social Media Marketing
  • Key Social Platforms for Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Account for a Business (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, GMB)
  • Buyer’s Journey Alignment with Platforms Behavior
  • Community Building Techniques
  • Content over Social Media & Hashtag Implementation
  • Audience Insight Analysis
  • Social Media Marketing Automation


  • What & Why is Search Engine for Marketing
  • SERP Components
  • Google Advanced Search
  • What is SEO & Types of SEO
  • Key SEO Components
  • Common Search Query (Keyword) Types
  • Conduct a Keyword Research & Grouping
  • Competition Analysis of your Keywords
  • Finding your Ranking Opportunities
  • SEO Content Plan From Keyword Group
  • Convert Keywords into SEO Content
  • Buyer’s Journey Alignment with SEO Content
  • Introduction to CMS & Create a free Blog with Blogger
  • Create a Blog post
  • Setup Search Console
  • Basic Understanding of HTML Tags
  • On-page Optimization (Keyword, Website Structure, Code Validation with W3C, Tags, Image/Video, Sitemap)
  • Technical Optimization (Loading Time Optimization, Redirection, Robot.txt, Crawl Error fixing, Broken Link Fixing, Schema Implementation)
  • Off-page Optimization (Anchor Tag, Anchor Text, Child Anchor, Nofollow & Dofollow Attribute,)
  • Cheap Backlink Building Technique (Comment, Forum, Q&A, Article Submission, Web 2.0, Social Bookmarking, Image/Video/Slide Sharing etc.)
  • Quality Backlink Building Technique
  • Outreach for Backlink
  • Recap of SEO Components


  • Facebook Ads Account Creation & Best Practice
  • Fundamentals of FB Ads
  • Buyer’s Journey Alignment with Ads
  • Ads Objective, Copy and Call to Action
  • Understanding of FB Ads Bidding
  • Introduction to Facebook Business Manager
  • Practice Ads with Creative Hub
  • Audience Creation
  • Ads Campaign Creation
  • A/B Testing
  • Conversion Tracking & Remarketing
  • Ads Report & Measurement
  • Introduction to Facebook Business Manager
  • Practice Ads with Creative Hub
  • Audience Creation
  • Ads Campaign Creation
  • A/B Testing
  • Conversion Tracking & Remarketing
  • Ads Report & Measurement


  • Paid vs. Organic Search
  • Paid Search Benefits
  • Google Ads Account Creation
  • Google Ads Manager Account vs. Child Account
  • Google Ads Account Element
  • Understanding of Google Ads Bidding
  • Buyer’s Journey Alignment
  • Ads Campaign Creation & A/B Testing
  • Introduction to Google Display Network
  • Display and Video Advertisement
  • Conversion Tracking & Remarketing
  • Ads Campaign Optimization & Measurement


  • YouTube Channel Setup
  • Channel Management & Content Planning
  • Buyer’s Journey Alignment with your Video
  • Video Best Practices
  • Upload your First Video
  • YouTube Video SEO
  • YouTube Analytics and Reporting


  • Key Concepts of Email Marketing
  • Recipient Sources and Contact Databases
  • Subject Lines, Copy Essentials, CTAs of an Email
  • Buyer’s Journey Alignment with your Email
  • Delivery Factors and Placement Challenges
  • Email Service Providers
  • Key Campaign Measurement Metrics
  • Email Marketing Automation


  • Opportunities with Mobile Marketing
  • Benefits of SMS
  • Buyer’s Journey Alignment with your SMS
  • SMS Copy & CTA’s
  • SMS Campaign, Types of Campaign & SMS Gateway
  • Benefits of Mobile Content Leveraging
  • Marketing through Mobile Apps & Games
  • Admob


  • Needs of Content Marketing
  • Content Marketing Concepts and Strategy
  • Using Content Research to Find Opportunities
  • Developing Goals, Customer Personas, Topics
  • Content Types & Formats, Creation & Curation
  • Brand Components
  • Content Personalization & Seeding
  • Content Calendar


  • Analytics Fundamentals
  • Account Setup
  • Key Settings and Navigational Functions
  • Setting Goals with Google Analytics
  • Tracking Code Installment
  • Understanding of Reports (Audience, Acquisition, Google Ads, Behavior, Events and Conversions)


  • Core Digital Marketing Strategy Components
  • Strategy Purpose
  • Strategy for plan communication
  • Resource Mapping and Budget Planning
  • Setting Campaign Objectives and KPIs
  • ROI and Success Metrics Definition & Evaluation
  • Optimize Channel and Budget Mix
  • Evaluation of Campaign



  • Recap of Marketing Purpose
  • Recap of Different Digital Media
  • Recap of Buyers Journey Alignment with Different Channels
  • Recap of Digital Marketing Campaign Management Process
  • Certification Ceremony
  • Job Offering
  • Photo Session & Achievement Celebration


Trainer for this course

Rookyb Rocky

Trainer Bio

Experienced Digital Marketing Practitioner with extensive experience building, maintaining, and running successful digital marketing campaigns. Adept at creating and implementing client-centric, successful campaigns, aimed at improving brand awareness and presence. Experienced in leading teams of professionals to meet and exceed digital marketing goals.

PRICE : TK. 18000
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