Online Course on Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing Course

  • Start Date : 27/10/2022
  • Duration : 20 Hours
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 10
  • Registration Deadline : 27/10/2022
  • Batch No : 2
  • Class Schedule :
  • Sat (07:00 PM-09:00 PM)
  • Mon (07:00 PM-09:00 PM)
  • Wed (07:00 PM-07:00 PM)
Online Course on Social Media Marketing


Social media marketing is where we use social media platforms to connect our audience to build our brand, increase sales, and drive website traffics. The popular social media sites are Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.

Nowadays social media has become a huge marketplace. People are becoming dependent on social media.  People are doing from shopping to everything from social media. That’s why the number of online shops is increasing day by day.

This course is arranged in such a way that anyone can do the course. In this course, we will show Basic to Advance social media marketing. We will share some tricks & tips which will help you make your work much easier and streamlined. 

We believe that After the course you can introduce yourself as a social media marketer.   

Prerequisites :

The Prerequisites For This Course Are Nothing More Than Basic Computer Skills.

Training Modules :
  1. Concepts of marketing
  2. Concepts of Digital Marketing
  3. Understanding Marketing Process
  4. Understanding Digital Marketing Process
  5. What's the difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing, and why does it matter?
  6. Tools of Digital Marketing
  7. How We Use Both Digital & Traditional Marketing
  1. Core Concepts of Social Media
  2. How social media marketing is different than others
  3. What & Why is Social Media Marketing?
  4. Types of Social Media
  5. Use of social media
  1. Core Concept of Facebook
  2. How to create a Facebook account professionally
  3. How to create a Facebook Group
  4. How to create  a Facebook Page 
  5. How to link a group with a page
  6. Facebook page insight Analysis
  1. Organic  strategy
  2. Paid way strategy
  3. Content Marketing
  1. Core Concept of Facebook Business Suit
  2. Analysis Facebook business suit
  1. Core Concept of Ads manager account
  2. Create Facebook Ads Manager Account
  3. Create & run a campaign
  1. Core Concept of Instagram
  2. Create an Instagram account
  3. Instagram profile customization
  4. Connect with a Facebook business suit
  1. Create a Canva account
  2. Design Facebook & Instagram post
  3. Design for any type of post.
  1. Core Concept of Linkedin
  2. How to create a Linkedin account
  3. Customize Linkedin account
  4. Boosting LinkedIn post
  1. Core Concept of Twitter
  2. how to create a Twitter account
  3. Customize Twitter account
  4. Marketing with Twitter
  5. Recape all classes
PRICE : TK. 3000.00
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