Online course on Modern Android Development with Kotlin (Batch No: 3)

Online course on Modern Android Development with Kotlin (Batch No: 3)

Online course on Modern Android Development with Kotlin

  • Start Date : 27-Dec-2021
  • Duration : 28 hours
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 14
  • Registration Deadline : 26-Dec-2021
  • Batch No : 3
  • Class Schedule :
  • Monday (08:00pm-10:00pm)
  • Wednesday (08:00pm-10:00pm)
Online course on Modern Android Development with Kotlin apply


Kotlin is a modern programming language developed by JetBrains and officially supported by Google for Android application development. In recent days, Google has announced Kotlin as the first priority language to develop android applications. Kotlin has many advantages over Java and speeds up development time significantly. Initially Kotlin was targeted for Android platform, but it has now become a suitable option for Web and other platforms like MacOS and Linux. Kotlin is easy to learn, as developers find it similar to other popular languages like Java, C# or Scala. It’s the fastest growing language which developers all around the world have embraced very quickly. It is recommended for every android apps developer to take Kotlin seriously because many upcoming libraries for Android SDK are targeted for Kotlin. This course gives the basic and intermediate level knowledge of Kotlin and Android apps development in a modern approach. Those who attend this course will gain a fair amount of knowledge on Kotlin and Native Android development which will help them to build any application they want to build in later stages.

Prerequisites : Any programming language with Object Oriented Programming Concept. IDE: IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio. Online Medium: Google Meet.
Training Modules :
  • Numbers, Boolean, Strings, Characters
  • Ranges and Loops
  • Variables and Read-Only Variables
  • Type Interfaces
  • Visibility Modifiers
  • If, When and While
  • Functions and Parameters
  • Single Expression Functions
  • Member and Local Functions
  • Top Level Functions
  • Higher Order Functions and Functional Programming
  • Extension Functions
  • Scope Functions/Standard Library Functions
  • Lambda Expression
  • Classes and Objects
  • Constructor and Constructor overloading
  • Inheritance and method overriding
  • Abstract Class and Interface
  • Runtime Polymorphism
  • Companion Object
  • Data Class and Sealed Class
  • Introduction to OO Design Pattern
  • Strategy Pattern overview - Composition over Inheritance
  • Factory Pattern
  • Singleton Pattern
  • Builder Pattern
  • List, Set and Map
  • Type parameter with Mutable List
  • Generic Type definition
  • Generic Constraints
  • Nullability and Kotlin’s explicit Null type
  • Null Safety – safe call operator, double-bang operator
  • Throwing an Exception
  • Create and run your first “Hello World” project in Android Studio
  • Basic UI widgets and View Groups
  • Create and run a simple Login simulation using basic widgets
  • Create a list of Contacts using Recycler View
  • Introduction to Room Persistence Library
  • Create SQLite database Perform CRUD operation using Room Library
  • Introduction to MVVM Pattern
  • LiveData
  • Introduction to Fragments
  • Design Navigation Graph
  • Pass data between destinations
  • Binding Expressions
  • Object Binding
  • Two-way data binding
  • Explicit and Implicit Intent
  • Navigate to another app using implicit intent
  • Getting result from an Activity
  • Make a calling app using implicit intent
  • App Widgets
  • Firebase Authentication
  • Firebase Real time database
  • Firebase Storage
  • Firebase Push Notification
  • Capture image using implicit intent
  • Save full size image into external/internal storage
  • Upload compressed image to Firebase Cloud Storage
  • Runtime Permission check
  • Detect user’s last location
  • Detect location update
  • Geocoding and Reverse Geocoding
  • Load Google Map and show user’s location on map
  • Map Markers and Marker Clustering
  • Show directions on map between two locations
  • Overview of Threading
  • Network Library- Retrofit
  • Download data from cloud server using REST API
  • Practical  project based on Relational Database(SQLite)
  • Practical  project based on Firebase Database
  • Practical  project based on RESTful Web Service
Course Fee : TK. 4000

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