Online Course on Microsoft Office Specialist

Microsoft Office course

  • Start Date : 10/03/2023
  • Duration : 20 Hours
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 10
  • Registration Deadline : 09/02/2023
  • Batch No : 7
  • Class Schedule :
  • Fri (10:00 AM-12:00 PM)
  • Sat (10:00 AM-12:00 PM)
Online Course on Microsoft Office Specialist


Microsoft Office is a suite of desktop applications and services such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Outlook, designed for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

Certification in Microsoft Office will demonstrate your expertise in a specific Microsoft technology. This expertise can be used to gain all kinds of work-related or personal benefits. Also, the skills acquired will help you make your work much easier and streamlined. 

Prerequisites :

The prerequisites for this course are nothing more than basic computer skills.

Training Modules :
  1. MS Word 2016 Interface.
  2. Creating an MS Word File, Save, Delete, Restore, and Rename.
  3. Chose an Alternative Location, Copy, Cut, Paste, and Shortcut
  4. Exploring Menu Bar:
    1. Home: Typing a Paragraph
    2. Cut, Copy, Paste, Format, Bold, Italic, Underline, Change Front, Font Size, Color & Highlight the text.
    3. Bullet, Number, Line Spacing, Find and Replace, Align
    4. Other Features: Print Preview and Print
  5. Insert: Table, Shapes, Clip Art, SmartArt, Word Art,
    1. Picture, and Header Footer, Page Number, Equation, Symbol and many more.
  6. Design: Watermark, Page Color, Page Border.
  7. Page Layout: Margin, Orientation, Size, Columns, Breaks, Indent. Position, Wrap Text, Align.
  8. References: Table of Content, Cross Reference, Indent.
  9. Mailing: Mail merge, Envelopes, Labels.
  10. Review: Spelling and Grammar, Word Count, Comment
  11. View: Views, Ruler, Zoom in and Out, Split, Macros.
  12. Bangla Typing: Bijoy 52, Avro, Convert Process.
  13. Font Collection & Installation.
  1. Introduction: The Basics (Excels)
  2. Formatting a Worksheet.
  3. Editing a Workbooks
  4. Formulas
  5. Data Table
  6. Working with the forms menu
  7. Creating & Working with Charts
  1. Initials to make Power Point Presentation
  2. Choosing a Topic, Collecting Information,
  3. Exploring Menu Bar, Home Menu, Insert Menu, Design Menu
  4. Using Built-in PowerPoint template, Exploring Layout and Selecting desired one
  5. Typing or Message Writing Techniques and Tips
  6. Inserting Shape, Align Shapes, Picture, Audio, and Video
  7. Adding Animation: Slide Transaction and Customized Animation, Formatting Text
  8. Design: Themes, Background, Transaction, Animation, Slide Show and Review
  9. Development: Link Slides, Hyper-links, Finalization
  10. Slide Master.


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