Excel Essentials (Batch No: 16)

Excel Essentials (Batch No: 16)

Online Course on Excel Essentials

  • Start Date : 13-Jul-2024
  • Duration : 12 hours
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 6
  • Registration Deadline : 12-Jul-2024
  • Batch No : 16
  • Class Schedule :
  • Saturday (07:30pm-09:30pm)
  • Monday (07:30pm-09:30pm)
  • Thursday (07:30pm-09:30pm)
Excel Essentials apply


"Microsoft Excel" is one of the most widely used software in the workplace on a Regular Basis. The course " Excel Essential” is focused on building strong foundations of Excel for the Professionals & Students. This application provides an outstanding combination of functions and tools for working with quantitative data analyzing, reporting and decision making. With the powerful analytical tools included in Microsoft Excel, you have the ability to analyze large amounts of data to discover trends and patterns that will influence decisions.

Prerequisites : Basic computer knowledge
Training Modules :

a. Basic of Excel
b. Copy and move a worksheet
c. Input Data
d. Edit, Find, Replace Data
e. Auto Fill
f. Keyboard Navigation
g. Navigate in worksheets and workbooks 
h. Search for data within a workbook
i. Insert and remove hyperlinks

a. Create worksheets and workbooks
b. Navigate one sheet to another sheet 
c. Add a worksheet to an existing workbook
d. Change worksheet tab color 
e. Rename a worksheet 
f. Change worksheet order 
g. Modify page setup 
h. Insert and delete columns or rows 
i. Adjust row height and column width 
j. Insert headers and footers

a. Create a workbook
b. Change workbook themes 
c. Hide or unhide worksheets
d. Hide or unhide columns and rows 
e. Customize the Quick Access Toolbar 
f. Change workbook views, Change window views 
g. Modify document properties 
h. Change magnification by using zoom tools 
i. Display formulas

a. Set a print area 
b. Save workbooks in alternative file formats 
c. Print all or part of a workbook 
d. Set print scaling

a. Using the SUM function 
b. Using MIN and MAX functions 
c. Using the COUNT function 
d. Using the AVERAGE function 
e. Using the IF function 
f. Using the SUMIF /SUMIFS function 
g. Using the AVERAGEIF / IFS function 
h. Using the COUNTIF / IFS function

a. Creating a usable Data Table from Spreadsheet
b. Data Analysis
c. Pivot Table

a. Create a new chart 
b. Add additional data series 
c. Analyze data by using Quick Analysis 
d. Resize charts 
e. Add and modify chart elements 
f. Apply chart layouts and styles 
g. Move charts to a chart sheet

a. Data Validation
b. Conditional Formatting


a. If
b. Nested if
c. And
d. Or

a. Protection in Workbook
b. Protection in Worksheet
c. Protection in Individual Cell

a. Excel Page setup
b. Page Layout
c. Print Selected Data in Worksheet
d. Print a Worksheet
e. Print Full Workbook

a. Excel Shortcut Key A-Z

a) Question & Answer Session 
b) Any other topics requested by the Participants

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Course Fee : TK. 5000

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