Advantages of cPanel for Linux Reseller Hosting

Advantages of cPanel for Linux Reseller Hosting

  • by Khondoker Pavel
  • 03/08/2020 - 05:50 AM

As a Reseller, we need to make sure that our customers are getting the best hosting experience. The advantages of cPanel are great.

As a Reseller, we need to make sure that our customers are getting the best hosting experience. The advantages of cPanel are great. Here are some selected benefits of cPanel for Linux Reseller Hosting:


  • User-friendly User Interface

cPanel has the best user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface. Both reseller and customers can be benefitted from the easy accessibility and various features of cPanel, which makes it easy to control all websites and server related tasks. Resellers or Customers does not need any technical skills to manage and work in cPanel.


  • Well-organized List and Orders Management

cPanel allows us to well manage lists and orders. Reseller can add or search for their customers, add or get detailed contact information of the customers, check pending hosting order lists, add funds to their customer accounts and a lot more that allows complete hosting product management system — all in one place and with very simple features.


  • Simple Account Management

From billing, sales, invoices to reports — cPanel makes it easy for the resellers to control and manage all aspects of Linux Reseller Hosting. We can manage our pricing with many extra features like discounts, payment gateways, customer transactions and many other reports. It streamlines many critical and essential tasks that helps reseller business rising consecutively.


  • Highly Customizable

cPanel is very customizable, allowing resellers to associate it with our brand name. We can add custom URL, make HTML customizations and also add our brand logo to give it a look and feel of our choice. cPanel also allows Nameserver branding, which is an must requirement for the resellers to maintain self-branding. Customers can also do a lot of things with various cPanel features and can even use many tips to manage their websites.


  • Deals with Customer Happiness

The advantages are unfinished without saying that how cPanel benefits not only the resellers but also the customers. As a Reseller, offering hosting products with the customer happiness is indeed one of the top most priorities, and cPanel helps us to provide just that. The customers will be able to easily manage their products, have a overview of their account and a lot more!


A Reseller Hosting account brings with it a large number of products that allow you to scale your business, and in turn, helping you scale the business of your customers. Bring in the benefits of cPanel to grow your business, and easily manage your everyday tasks and overall business management.


At bitBirds Solutions we offer you the opportunity to get your own cPanel — a simple but efficient, easy but powerful tool that allows you to manage your products, services, customers and a lot more. Our Resellers have been able to successfully grow and build their business with the user-friendly cPanel. Start your Reseller Hosting business today!

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